Is it better to record vertical or horizontal?

Vertical is probably better, which is why we don’t record in square, because it’s easier to record. Horizontal? We try to keep the number of frames low enough to avoid the artifacts of vertical, but in the end we may need to switch to horizontal if we need to.

So, why not just record as vertical and just switch to horizontal after recording to see the difference?

Well, to do any better you have to do a bunch of calculations. You have to convert the horizontal and vertical frames to separate video files for further analysis. You have to convert video files to a different format or format for each recording.

So, what could possible be better than that? I think it’s quite possible.

So, in your recording workflow, just switch to VHS, VHS-16 or DV. If you want to use a CD-I/DVD-A recorder, convert that to VHS or VHS-16 just as well.

To do so, I’ll show you two different methods in this post.

First Method for Record Vertical and Horizontal

It’s quite common in the video world to record vertical/horizontal (VHS-A for example). So it’s quite easy to switch to that mode in your recording workflow.

I’m going to show you a simple way of starting to get the recording from vertical mode.

This method uses 2 simple parameters, 1 bitrate and 1 duration. Just to have a quick overview, here’s a short guide to VHS-A:

It has a bitrate of 60 Mbit/s and a duration of 15.2 seconds.

To be a bit more precise, we have 3 types of VHS audio formats:

2.5 mbit/s 2.5 mbit/s 1.9 mbit/s

You can find more information about the audio formats on this site.

We can just select the first one and it’ll start recording automatically. All VHS-A recordings need to start with a VHS audio file before proceeding to the next session.

As you can see, we can start recording with little bitrate (or little duration) and then switch to vertical mode if we don’t receive a response.

A more complicated method which I’ve used in a demo recording can be found here or here.

Second Method for Record Vertical and Horizontal

You can choose the second audio format