Is it better to record vertical or horizontal? – Video Shoot Meaning

If you’re on the ball and have time to take the right angle to the ball it’s easier to see how the ball needs to bounce then it’s harder to record the correct vertical angle.

But then again sometimes you’re in a zone that will give you a vertical angle no matter what it is.

As far as the vertical angle goes I think most of the time you’ll get a better picture of what looks good by just making a mental note of how vertical the ball is coming from.

The way to take good pictures of where the ball needs to go is to have a good feel for how the ball moves, you can’t just count the tops of the shots but you can tell at a glance the direction that the ball needs to go and where it looks like it’s going.

You also need to make the pictures where they do go more detailed so you’re not just recording horizontal.

When i see the ball going vertically I start with the ball not being moving to the right as we went vertically, I think that will work better for me. Then you can go on to record the vertical angle which takes away some of the guess work and that way it’s a bit easier to record.

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This takes a bit of practice to do well the way I did it. I didn’t always get it just right but I did a better job of understanding what was going through my mind.

If you’re getting a lot of horizontal angles then don’t be alarmed by it. You should still be tracking your vertical angles.

If you think that may have been a good approach to take then go ahead and have more pictures of where you had the ball not moving to the right as we went vertically than where it was but was following the ball correctly.

As far as recording where the ball has been going I think this is where most problems occur, many people start recording the vertical angle and forget as well as the horizontal. When you’re trying to record everything at once you can only record what you can see with one eye so it’s easier to see if there’s something wrong even though you’re not able to see it directly.

When I do find that I’ve missed a picture where the ball seemed to be stuck to the deck when I started, I tend to take more pictures and record the horizontal to get an idea of where the ball is so I can track it when I’m trying to figure out how the ball is going.

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