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A typical recording from a horizontal camera will show only the vertical path of the image. A typical recording from a vertical camera will show only the horizontal path of the image. That can be quite confusing to someone unfamiliar with cameras. A good rule of thumb is to only record image vertical lines for vertical videos and image horizontal lines for horizontal videos.

If you want to record a vertical video or you want to record a horizontal video, you need to use an offset. An offset is a way to record both the vertical and horizontal paths of an image. It is often very helpful to record the vertical image with an offset at the height of the line you wish to cover and then record just the horizontal line if necessary.

Note that there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to offsetting horizontal video and images. Some new video editing applications are designed specifically to make the most out of the offset.

What about video editing?

Once a video has been recorded using the offset method, it can be applied to other video and audio tracks. By using an offset you are able to adjust both the horizontal (left or right) and vertical (top or bottom) movement of the video without affecting the image below the video clip. That is the goal of video editing software.
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If you want to edit the above video clip manually, it is possible to use the offset method. In that case, it’s easiest to try and adjust the left or right direction of the video clip.

But, for the sake of this tutorial, it may be useful to record the image below using the offset method.

As for other video editing applications, I would suggest selecting two and then combining them as a single file to avoid adding any unwanted noise or clipping. The following examples will demonstrate how to combine both the left and right of a video clip.

Using an offset can help to make videos in a single file look a bit more professional or even better, smooth-looking at the same time. This should also help you to make any edits to your video without looking like you are making a mistake.

For example, the first example below is taken from the following video clip that was recorded using an offset. Notice how the vertical and horizontal movements are smoothly made. You won’t need to tweak anything on your video editing applications if you do decide to use an offset for vertical or horizontal video videos.

In this clip, however, by using an offset you are able to adjust both the

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