How much should I charge for a 1 minute video?

A good estimate for a 1 minute video is $5.75 to $10 for a high quality, high definition version (such as on YouTube) and $3 to $6 for a more standard video (such as a Youtube video).

Will I receive a refund for my pledge if/when the campaign is over?

Yes, you can still get your rewards as soon as possible. To get your rewards, simply head over to Kickstarter and follow the easy steps:

If your project is complete and you get to this page. Check your emails for a PDF with your information.

If you’re like me and you love making videos but don’t have a ton of extra time to spend creating new ones, here are some tips to help you start in 2013.

What if I don’t want to spend the money on this Kickstarter campaign?

No problem. Head over to Kickstarter again and click the “Pledge what you want to pledge” button underneath the “Rewards” section. There you’ll find some rewards, including a very unique copy of my book and 3 bonus books:

The Art of Packing for Travel

The Complete Guide to DIY Travel

This is great for folks who already love traveling. Each of these books will have a pre-packaged, all-day travel checklist and a handy print-out with helpful tips.

Will my rewards ship together with my pledge?

Yes! If you would like your rewards to ship together with your pledge, simply add the funds for shipping for your pledge on top of the other rewards. (Please note that if you would be interested in a book or a kit other than the rewards above, a few things may be additional, such as international shipping.)

And while you’re there, you should check the FAQs (at the bottom) for additional details on the shipping tiers and whether you’ll need to add something to your pledge (like international shipping) if you plan on purchasing items outside of the pledge tier.

If I haven’t selected a reward level, how is my pledge total calculated?

The estimated backer total for your pledge will be automatically provided to you via the online pledge manager.

What are the shipping rates for different pledge levels?

The costs for shipping for each pledge level are listed below:

14 Basic Cinematography Techniques for Better Cinematic Shots
1st class US mail (standard) is approximately $9 with a $7.50 handling fee for 1-7 day shipping.