How much money does 1 million YouTube views make? – Videographer Training Certification

YouTube views, as calculated by Google, are the total viewers of your video. In most cases, their figures don’t add up to the 1 million YouTube views you were after, yet that is more or less the sum of 1 million views generated by the video. YouTube, however, will often give the total views generated by the video to the advertisers.

This means that you could create a video that is going to get a high number of views in order to attract the interest of a brand. That brand could be a car manufacturer’s ad campaign, a retailer’s ad campaign, a movie producer’s ad, or a singer’s video production.

You can also expect to generate 1 million views if you are lucky and generate 5,000 views before the end of your first video. If you don’t produce 5,000 views, YouTube will likely change how long the videos will be up.

There are 3 main ways to count views with YouTube:

The number of views each video has received

The number of views a video has produced

The number of views YouTube has received for your work.

A YouTube comment

Your video will generate a large number of views if you post it to the YouTube comments section. The amount of views generated from a YouTube comment section is usually a lot higher than a YouTube video. But this is not always the case; for instance, if you post a video to the comments section of a popular YouTube video, you will likely see a higher overall total for your video than if you posted in a similar video from the same creator.

Your YouTube video

You can also use the YouTube comments section within your video. By placing a link inside your video (the most common form of YouTube video comments), YouTube will count the number of views the video has seen on the comments section.

Google will only count the views created by your video as long as you have an active account. You can also choose to post to YouTube for free, with no ads, and the view count will be calculated just based on YouTube. But you will only see any views for the video that you post on YouTube. If you like, you can even remove a single comment from the YouTube comments so that you will see as many views as you post.

The number of views you get for your video will depend on one other important matter: the length of your video. Some video creators may generate a fraction of a million views per video, while others generate a

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