How much money does 1 million YouTube views make? – How To Become A Successful Videographer

There is no way to accurately calculate the monetary value of a YouTube post, but we can do a good enough approximation to give a ballpark: a post receives about 0.0002% of all views for each dollar it receives.

The YouTube comment section itself makes about 10 cents per click.

What would make this $10 million a better use in YouTube’s grand scheme?

There is a few places where this video could be monetized, not a lot, and certainly on a lower budget (no one could afford such an expensive camera, for example).

1. Make some changes to the video

A few of the YouTube community posts have already been changed, and I recommend you leave the original comments up, or just look at a few of the changes that have already been made and try to spot where you could get more out of your viewing experience by improving what you include/avoid.

2. Promote the video by talking about it and encouraging others to watch

Here, the video should promote yourself and other people to watch (and share) as well. This might be as simple as mentioning them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. The goal here is to make people interested in your video, and if they’re interested they’ll watch it.

3. Repost/embed the video in other places

There are a couple of ways to do this:

1. The usual YouTube embeds: This is one of the most common ways to do it – you can upload the YouTube video link at the bottom of your post, or place it at the top of your page. But this does require a little extra effort, since YouTube isn’t a very forgiving platform. For this, I would suggest just posting it anywhere where your readers will see it.

2. Video embeds

Video embeds are not always a great method of marketing, but often can be a great way to get eyeballs on your post:

Here, I’ve posted two Youtube videos using a simple embed code on a blog. The first video posted the same day it was written, but the link was live for a few minutes.

Here, I’ve also posted a video to the main page of the blog with a shorter video embedded alongside of comments from people who have seen the original – both using a simple embed code that you can copy and paste into your post.

For the videos, I had a simple embed code and an embedded Youtube video

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