How much is a music video shoot? – Udemy Dslr Video

Shoot the best music video possible at full size, and shoot a single scene. This gives you the opportunity to shoot as many takes per scene as possible, so you can get that “perfect” shot. For each take you shoot in a single scene, you will get 3.5% – 6% of your total earnings, depending on your video. After shooting 3 scenes, you can receive 1.5% of your total earnings.

Shoot video scenes with no editing.

You might think that shooting in a room full of fans at one show is no problem. When you shoot at an event, you need to edit the entire night in order to get a final video. I had to change several shots before shooting a promo for an upcoming show, so I shot my promo on location in a coffee shop. For each scene I edited, I gained 0.025-0.25% extra earnings.

Don’t sell your own copy.

It’s important to avoid selling your own material, as a lot of people do. Sell only the exclusive material you shot, and not anything you might have shot on an idea for your own video. If someone else shoots your footage, or is using your shots in other things, they’ll earn more from your material – it will be worth more to them to buy it and have it in their own video.

What should you include in your videos?

Make a big poster of your music video.

At a recent show, there were so many things on sale in such a small area, and I knew I would be selling at least one of them and I knew I had a chance to make some money. I included a poster of my song, which sold for $2 – $14 (depending on what music video I shot it in) before I made my money back, and sold for another $8 each time. I sold my poster with a sign for just $2, which helped me make more each time.

Make a video that’s longer than a single shot

If you’re taking the time to create a video, you should be able to shoot multiple takes by using the 3.5% rule to split your earnings 2 – 6 percent in each scene. If you can shoot a 20 minute music video with a single shot, it might cost you $3,000 out of pocket, but if you’ve created your best video with a 40 minute music video, your earnings will be 2 – 6%

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