How much does Spotify pay per 1000 streams? – How To Shoot Videos

(as of 1/9/2015)

[0] Spotify is a subsidiary of Google/Alphabet, so the answer to that question is “almost nothing.” Spotify pays roughly 0.15% per 1000 streams.

[1] This is what’s known as a flat fees rate, but is sometimes referred to as a percentage. If it’s a flat fee rate, it might be possible to say the revenue rate for a subscription is 15% of a stream on Spotify ($3.67/stream in this case). But, again, if it’s a flat fee rate, you only need to know that to know that the rate is zero.

[2] I would argue that this is the most common use of the phrase ‘per thousand’. But, in general, your revenue is usually measured by the number of songs sold plus the number of streams.

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