How much does it cost to shoot a music video? – Types Of Videography

Here’s a look at the cost of a major music video.

Here Are The Biggest Costs To Filmmaker To Get A Hit ‘Lonely Planet'”

2) What Will My Budget Look Like

If you plan on making only “limited amount” of your video, you won’t end up over budget. But if you plan on a full blown movie, you will. You should know how much your cost to produce will be. Remember, you will be shooting everything — the music, the acting, the background.

Remember, you can shoot a music video and a movie. Don’t worry about the budget.

Cost Of Music Video Shooting

1. If You’re A Pro, You Can Expect 30-40 Songs Per Minute

Music video production doesn’t happen all at once. There’ll come a time where you’re going to have to record and edit everything. Once your “main” song is recorded, you’ll be shooting “mix” music that will be used for a mix. This is basically an instrumental mix of your main song. When finished, you’ll be in the middle of post-production and the finished product will be available online.

Music Video Production Tips Include:

2. Recording Costs

The costs associated with recording your music video are fairly straightforward, but again, remember to factor in the cost of music and lighting. But don’t worry about budget — you should know how much your cost to production will be.

3. Recording and Mixing

You don’t have to pay for recording, editing or mixing all at once.

You can record your song from beginning to end, record the music and sound design, use a professional composer and sound designer and shoot everything together. Or you can do everything at once.

Cost Of Shooting A Music Video

1. Production Of Music Video And Sound Design

For all your music filming, you have to buy gear. You will be able to record and edit your music video and the audio you record is all going to be sent on to your audio company.

The big expense in making a music video is going to be the sound design. You’re going to need sound effects. All your music video sound effects will need to go through a producer and a record company.

Production Costs For All Music Video Footage

Producing a music video can cost anywhere from $150-500, but remember to factor in a music video.

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