How much does a 3 minute video cost? – Udemy Dslr Video

For a single video to be eligible for this award, a clip is at least: 500kb – 500kb

400kb – 400kb

220kb – 220kb

120kb – 120kb

100kb – 100kb

0.5 MB – 1 MB

Do you need a special clip?

Yes. Please request a special clip to be used for your video – in case you’re planning to publish on the site, you might want to ask for this first.

How are clips chosen?

Any clip is eligible unless you’ve specifically asked for a particular clip to be chosen.
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How can you use the site?

You can use the site for free if you’ve chosen a clip that meets the quality criteria. You can choose to upload your clip as an image file.

For example, here are the quality criteria for a video clip:

Video Quality – minimum of 1.5m / 3 minutes

Audio Quality – minimum of 320kbps

Video Encoding – bit rate: 640kbps

How many clips from which clips?

If you upload clips you don’t have the rights to use on the site, they will be included in the selection. Please keep in mind that clips uploaded by third parties (such as from Youtube etc.) require a video licence to be included, and not all clips can be used on the site.

What happens if you don’t use my clip?

You can get the title of each clip removed from it, including their title, link, description and description.

How can I find your content?

The site can be accessed on any device by entering this URL into any web browser:

I’ve posted on your site, can I have a quote from your videos?

No. The quotes are on a one-off basis and the site accepts no responsibility for the authenticity or accuracy of the quotes in relation to your product or service. This includes quotes taken from your own YouTube channel.

I’m interested in one of your videos, can you tell me how I can get your products?

Some of your videos can be purchased but others do not. Please contact our support team for the availability of specific products as soon as possible.

Can I see my video comments?

You will only be able

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