How much does a 15 second YouTube ad cost? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques

You will get a lot of different options for this, which depends on what your ad needs are. If you are looking to buy multiple large videos then I would look for a minimum of 500 free views (5x a month), which is currently the maximum you can get through YouTube ads. On the other hand, if you are on a budget and need to buy a small video only then the ideal option is maybe 10 views in one month. You can also see my video reviews or my recommendations for specific YouTube videos here.

What is one of the best YouTube Ad Options for ads on YouTube?

Ad Options:

YouTube Ad Exchange

The YouTube Ad Exchange (or Adex) is a program that can allow you to sell your videos directly to advertisers and you make them a part of your content. It is a little more complicated than the options I listed above and I will go over the various aspects of this program below.

Getting started:

All you need to do is register on the Adex website and fill in some basic information about yourself that will make it very easy for them to find you. You should be on good standing and be able to explain some of your previous video projects so that they can see your video production background and know where you stand on the video production and business model for their business.
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Step 1 – Finding an advertiser

If you do decide to start your own YouTube advertising then you will need to find advertisers. There is no magic to it, you just need to find an appropriate advertiser and start working on your video. As I said before the best solution to getting a sponsor on your video is through the Adex program, but it requires a little more investment on the part of yours.

The Adex program provides you with an avenue to find an advertiser, however it also gives you a platform to ask your potential sponsors about a variety of things including:

What exactly they do and why?

What kind of business model they use and how it connects to your video?

How will you make use of their platform and who is your contact person inside the company?

If there are any affiliate links on the video, how important or important do they think they are and how do you plan on using them?

If there is a sponsored video featured on your channel and that video is one of your best or popular videos, how will you get your video included on that video?

Step 2 –

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