How much did Michael Jackson scream video cost? – Dop Course

Michael Jackson’s Thriller was shot for an estimated six months (or less), and it’s been reported as coming in around $20 to $25 million, with production budget exceeding $100 million. The movie was reportedly written by Jackson and had no direct involvement in its final results and was shot by a small crew in the Caribbean.

Does Michael Jackson have a history of throwing parties?

“I don’t play parties any more. For some reason my parties always seem to go terribly.”

Did Jackson’s Thriller make money for the company?

“It was the most expensive of Jackson’s solo careers. But the film was so profitable for Michael and his band, they kept shooting for more money in the future, so it helped them out.”

What was the production budget?

The total production budget for Thriller was a reported $100 million, with a director and casts of 50 people. The production took a total 6 months for a total of $20 million.

Did Jackson ever break the world record for number of hours Michael Jackson spent in front of the camera?

Michael Jackson: Life on the Road was shot over a span of 2.5 years with Jackson spending an estimated 875 days on sets in England and Spain, plus approximately 300 days in Africa. A world record was set in 1998 by The King of Pop for spending 9 hours filming for a documentary for the same amount of time. The King of Pop reportedly spent 8 hours on set.

What did Michael Jackson’s Thriller sound like?

According to Wikipedia, Jackson’s Thriller’s soundtrack was “somewhat similar” to his earlier album. The movie actually sounds a little worse than The Beatles’ Help! It sounds a bit like a mixture of Beatles Hits (with elements of The Beatles) and the original soundtrack to The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle & Mrs. Munchkin. The soundtrack itself can be purchased for $20.

What are some of Jackson’s celebrity friends and supporters?

Michael Jackson may not be the biggest name in entertainment, but his celebrity friends and supporters include:

George Michael and The Beatles – Michael went to the same high school as Elvis Presley.

Paul McCartney and Jackson – McCartney is a famous singer/songwriter.

James Taylor and Michael – This famous rocker was known for his wild parties.

Johnny Depp and Michael – Johnny was the father of Scarlett Johansson.


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