How many megapixels is good for a video camera? – Where To Look When Recording Video

It depends on a few things – 1) What it is capturing on the sensor – (1) Exposure range (2) Exposure settings (3) Noise – and also I need the camera to have at least one good aperture setting – (4) Exposure compensation on/off – so if it has an auto ISO setting, all I need is the aperture to get the right exposure (and that will be what I use)

For a smartphone camera there are the same rules but there are some unique factors here if you are interested

Sensor size – the bigger the sensor, the more pixels there are

Pixel size – also small pixels give more light

Resolution – a high resolution phone will have a high quality sensor and not a cheap, cheap camera that will capture little detail

Image quality – how sharp the image is – how far the camera can resolve

Processing – How much noise is captured by the camera – how large does it get? How does the camera get that detail? If you have a sensor that supports RAW files can the camera actually use them – it might not but if the sensor supports RAW I may use them – I think the camera on the Pixel 2 XL would really benefit from being able to capture RAW…

This is only a general guide though. In actual use some features will be limited to certain phone models but the general rule of thumb and some of the special features are available when you consider the costs of the cameras.

With that all said – do you like video or photos?

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