How do you shoot a professional music video?

A lot of it’s trying to find the rhythm of a song, or find the way to get that feeling or sound. If you’ve ever worked on a movie, even the music has that, too. It’s making something that you know will be successful, but I didn’t want this to be this long, expensive process. It’s like being a professional painter.”

We meet in a dark, empty room in a small room near the corner of the studio, the lights flicker and the walls are covered with blank canvases of the latest works that are all of the same shape and color. The walls are a dark gray that’s not very deep, giving them the appearance of being just a little bit flat. Even though he speaks with a serious voice, his body language is relaxed. He’s a very relaxed guy at work, and it works on the surface, but underneath it all feels a little bit dangerous. His expression isn’t scary, even though he is, but his body language is.

It’s weird how you can see somebody in the first few seconds and then you’ll think you’ve seen them in a movie all day.

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I ask him how long they spent to draw each of their different scenes. “I don’t even remember what I drew today, but I made a drawing just now! I’ve really been working on art lately.” He takes a big, deep breath, looking completely relaxed. I ask if he had a lot of downtime between the various meetings and working days. “No, it goes on and on, and on.”

It’s also interesting to learn about his personal life. There are a lot of different women he would like to meet, “I like women, I have lots of girlfriends. I’m very open, and when people have things to say, and get a piece of me in whatever they want, it’s great. It makes me feel so good, it makes me feel great. I’m pretty much open to anything if that makes them happy.” He tells me that the women who approached him were like “I’m dying to get to know you,” and he had to smile and shake their hands. They were all really nice to him.

He tells me he recently started wearing makeup, a very interesting choice. “I was a really clean guy before. I never looked very clean at all. I started with this thing that I have in my mind, and that’s called clean lips, and so I took the thing off, and