How do I record music while playing music on my iPhone? – Blue Shooting

By default, you must add your headphones, or headphones plus your phone, to your audio app’s library before you create a new song. You can do this using your device’s controls (volume, mute, etc.).

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However, you can also create a new session to save your music as an “audio track” so you can later access them. This way, you can have up to four tracks open at a time.

How do I save the audio tracks created in a new session?

When you create a new session, you can save the original files and tracks that match the session to your device.

To do this, select one of the original files or tracks and use the “Add to album…” link in Finder (or, just highlight the file and then press Command-A to select it, or Command-U in iChat) to select it before the session loads.

How do I delete a song within a session?

Open up your audio editor on your device, then go to “Library/Songs”, then go to the tab labeled “Session”.

You can then delete the song in the session by pressing the Delete icon at the top of the window.

Can I use other devices as external speakers?

Yes, but be aware that any other device should not function like normal speakers, since it is only capable of transmitting data. The following devices have been known to function without issue as external speakers:

The following devices have been known to work on iPhones, iPods, and iPod touch without issue, regardless of which speaker is used:

Can I use Siri if I haven’t installed it on my iPhone?

To work correctly at all times, the Siri app must be installed on all iOS devices and not just iPhone/iPod.

To do this, you will have to open up the settings on your iPhone and tap “Siri” on the bottom of the screen.

The following link will tell you which devices have Siri installed and which haven’t:

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