How do I record a video with music playing? – Video Techniques For Shooting

When you press record on your iPhone video recording application, the first time you’re playing the video, you’ll be prompted with a “Record video” button which takes you directly to an application called “Music Player.” This application is a special player, created for iOS, that allows you to choose what music you want to play on the recording, change the volume, adjust the playback controls, and turn off the music while recording.

In Apple’s documentation about Music Player you’ll see a list of settings. Pressing Record > Show options shows a small list of options. Click on the “Choose your music player” box and you’ll see three options – a generic iTunes player, the Music App on iOS, or a specific player such as “iTunes Match Premium” (you can also use Apple’s iTunes Match mobile app; see “iTunes Match: How It Works” for more information). For video recording, you need to select the correct app.

In iTunes, click on “Control Center.” Select “Music” and then click on the “Settings” button. The “Video and recording” section is listed next to an “Other” section. Select “Choose” (or “More”).

Select “Use your iPhone” to make sure that you’ve selected the correct application. You can verify which iOS app is selected by using the “iStat Monitor” tool.

Finally, you need to go to your device’s iTunes store (or download to your computer) and find “Get iTunes Match” to download it from the iTunes Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the program, you’ll find two buttons:

Select “Get it Now!” to give the program a try.

to give the program a try. Go to “Settings” > “Video and recording” and add your new player.
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Once you’re done, just press Record, hit start (to record), and you’ll be taken back to the previous scene. To change the volume and turn off the music, simply select another button, press Record and then start your video clip.

What if I accidentally record the video, and I’d rather stop the recording?

You can stop recording your video at any time, or at any time when you’re finished with it. If you press Record > Stop Recording, it will end your audio as well.

Once you’ve finished playing with the video, pressing either pause or stop also gives you the option to

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