How do I get into video editing? – Where To Look When Recording Video

You have the option to go directly to the editing section of the website for those that are interested in learning to film and edit on a big budget. If you are not interested in learning from one of the video editing tutorials we have listed in our FAQs then you are still welcome to read more about video editing to get an overview of what is possible and then to look into our video editing tutorials for more information and help.

How much equipment do I need for my shoot, how do I set up my shoot and what’s the best camera to use?

For many shoots, I would advise getting some of the latest and best gear for yourself. It’s not essential, but some of those that we list in our FAQs may well be best used by the beginning user to get a feel for the gear and get a feel for lighting.

What’s the best camera for video production?

I know many people are getting started with video production and with a camera like a Canon 5D Mark III or a Sony RX100, what could be better?

The majority of our members that have used video production are not using a Canon 5D Mark III or Sony RX100 but rather they are using the 4K Sony RX10s or a 1TB external hard drive with a 1.36TB hard drive.

The fact is that a 1TB or even a 1.5TB external hard drive will be enough when you set out to produce video that will be ready to work for you when you are done shooting.

When it comes to equipment that we use at VideoMasters, the main use of video equipment is to store RAW image files like those that people produce on the Canon 5D Mark III. However, for those that are interested in editing video, the equipment we have for video production includes the following:

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A 1TB external hard drive which will hold your RAW files

This means that even if you are a beginner, you can still easily use a 1TB external hard drive!

A Canon EOS 1D X EOS 10D EOS 5D Mark III 5D Mark IV Fuji X-Pro2 Panasonic DMC-GH2 Sony A6000 Sony RX100 4K Sony RX10S Sony RX100 II 1TB external hard drive

1TB external hard drive 1TB external hard drive 1TB external hard drive 1TB external hard drive 1TB external hard drive 1TB external hard drive A500 External hard drive

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