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How can I edit a video like a pro? You can.

In this post, we will walk you through a few tips on how to edit a video in Premiere Pro, the video editor of choice for the most serious filmmakers. We want you to be familiar with all the parameters of any video you intend to edit, and to know how to work effectively with your current footage.

1. Set up your timeline

It’s very important to know where we are in our timeline. This is how your footage will look.

2. Set up your sequence

Your sequence plays your clips simultaneously onto your timeline. This lets you arrange them in a way that will look good together.

Here’s an example of a timeline in Premiere Pro.

You’ll see that the clips start off in the same shot order. The sequence will be completed, and you will be finished with the animation of each piece.

3. Prepare the clips

In Premiere Pro you have three different clips you can make. You could either go ahead and make your own, or you can simply drag an individual clip into a custom clip.

We’re going to use the latter. Go to the Sequence tab. Click the Add New Sequence button and add two identical clips that start on the same frame.

You can see the clips at the end of the video on the right. Click on the thumbnail thumbnail to view the full image. This is the clip in your timeline named “The Animating Bear”.

4. Select the clips from the timeline

Select both clips and click the Select All button. If you click on the arrow next to each clip, you will select all clips.

This will open the clip selection in Premiere Pro. The clip selection is the same as the clip you’re going to edit with.

Select the clip name by looking at the bottom-right of the window in the sequence pane.

What will appear here is the clip currently in your timeline. The left side of this preview window displays the timeline’s title. Now, click on the title to open a view window displaying the timeline title and its name.

5. Pick the clip that you want to edit

If you want to edit the animation of The Animating Bear in place of the footage you’re currently making, select the clip you want to replace in the sequence pane.

You can name the clip the same as the timeline, or you can select a more descriptive

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