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The easiest way to add content to a YouTube video is to choose a theme – either for each channel, or just for any given video. YouTube lets you edit a video from the content and styles settings, but it’ll still get a little funky at times to find and edit the new content for your videos.

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First, you’ll have to find one of your videos, and either create a theme or choose one already present in the video. Second, then, it’s time to edit the video in YouTube.

The video editor will let you add audio and video. It will try and guess what you want to do, based on its knowledge of your channel, and its other video content. If for some reason it can’t, it’ll offer up a list of options, each with various settings and restrictions.

These options differ depending on the theme, so you’ll need to make sure to pick a theme that you feel comfortable with. If you have a general YouTube theme for your channel (like “YouTube Music”), you can use that. For other channels, you may want to choose from a list of pre-made themes.

As for videos which already exist in your channel, you can add them in any order you like. If you’re doing a series of videos about a particular object to teach, for instance, the first four might be on your topic, while the last two might be about another object.

There are times when it might be hard to find the options to get around a restriction – for instance, if your music video contains all of your videos (because the music is playing as part of your video, you don’t have to worry about the video being removed), but you’re stuck with an image in the title.

If you’re looking for help, our YouTube video editing tutorial covers a lot of the most common restrictions the editor makes you deal with.

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