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I can see my phone screen through my computer, why can’t I screenshot it on my iPhone? I think that is weird. I have a question for the iPhone users: You all do seem to use your phones like computers. You have the ability to do stuff just about any way you want on the phone, what is your favorite?

—Anonymous (@Cherrybark_2) November 18, 2014

In recent years, many iPhone users have started posting a screenshot of their screen on Twitter. A screenshot is more or less the same as a “full screen” screenshot. So Apple has not only provided an official way to screenshot on the iPhone but is making this an option for you to take advantage of.

As for the iPhone user, it’s time for your question. Apple has already said their goal of “screenshotting everywhere” on the iPhone is a reality. So what is the favorite way to take a screenshot on iPhone?

Thanks, Justin!

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The United States has sent warships to escort the Russian destroyer Admiral Kuznetsov to its port in the Mediterranean last week to “exercise its rights in international maritime law,” Russian news agencies reported.

The report came on a Friday night. It did not mention whether or not the USS Donald Cook, which accompanied Admiral Kuznetsov for nearly a week, is currently exercising its rights.

While Donald Cook is not part of any international naval mission, the United States has been sending warships to help NATO allies fend off aggression by Russian military adventurism, including by threatening to “take military action on Putin’s borders.”

The Trump administration is sending naval ships to help NATO allies defend themselves

The report of Donald Cook’s escort follows a similar report Thursday from the Pentagon in which Vice Admiral Robert Harward said that USS Donald Cook is in “active engagement” with pro-Russian militia operating in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The Harward said the ships were there to provide assistance to other NATO units “as they conduct ongoing assessments and assessments to help ensure a stable and secure maritime environment.” Harward said that Donald Cook had been “in the area” assisting some of the NATO countries.

Trump has signaled his eagerness for the military to assert its rights and assert itself as having “rights” in international waters. The military has been used in times past to escalate tensions and threaten international law. In 2010, for example, a

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