Can I Screenshot a video? – Videography For Beginners


If you make a video, please attach a JPEG or BMP file and a link to your website. Also, please attach a brief paragraph about your video and your intent to share with the community. Uploading a YouTube video is the worst possible decision since most people won’t click it. But if you’d like to go beyond a 30-second demo in your portfolio, you can upload a longer video, but make sure you have some sort of background or a background with the audio tracks. A background with the lyrics can be helpful too. In the case of a music video, the most important thing is that your video’s name and the title appear right on the video.

What is the best place to upload a video?

The video should ideally be placed on the site of the business (i.e. on the official site for the company), but it might be a better use of your resources if you upload it to your own YouTube account. We recommend that you post your video at least a week in advance so that we can get your page ready when the video is ready.

Please note however that it is not as easy as simply linking it.

We are happy to accept videos uploaded to this page, but only if you include a link back to the official website for the company, so that people can watch it live.

Is my video uploaded to YouTube in the background?

Of course not, your page should show as soon as a video is available.

We don’t want to have the video start at “The beginning!” because then there can be no suspense and the viewer can’t wait to see what happens next. Instead, we encourage people to watch the video, so that the background doesn’t interrupt the flow of viewing, but also allow the viewers to decide what is going to happen next.

If you want to view your video in its full form, please copy the URL of the video instead of embedding it, so that people can continue on to watch the clip in their browsers. To find the link to your video, click on the video player of your browser and select the “Watch” button.

How should video titles be named?

Your video titles should always start with or “Title One”.

There is no one right way to name a video in online advertising, but these guidelines are good guides and may serve you well.

You should also include two or three descriptive words.


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