Can I record video with DSLR? – See Yourself While Filming

No. We currently do not offer a recording system, only an HDMI port and the ability to record through the camera’s HDMI port.

Will my video files be able to be shared with friends?

Yes, the video will be able to be shared with friends via YouTube or other apps.

How does the footage differ from real life?

We shoot all footage in black and white (if possible) to prevent the color channel from degrading the sharpness of the image.

What is the cost of the equipment, and how do I get started?

There are a few different options available. For our Kickstarter rewards we will be offering one of four different mounts. The current option is an external HD camera head set, but we currently don’t have any plans to include one of those in the Kickstarter reward package. We want our backers to help us make Black Rock Shooter a reality with support. Here is the current cost breakdown for the different options. If you would like to read more about what this camera actually costs to create, we recommend taking a look at our video, Shooting With Nikon DSLR, where we look at how to obtain a good-handling DSLR camera that can handle the rigors that Black Rock Shooter will take on when shooting on a mount.

The Camera Kit (Cams, Hacks, Filters)

All of the equipment you need except the mount will be provided to you for free.

A high quality mount with a sturdy grip (we recommend a B&H BCS camera head)

A heavy duty tripod

An adaptor for any HD camera (this includes the B&H camera head adaptor)

An HDMI cable (any other camera should work)
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A USB cable for your laptop to charge your device, and for data transfer

You will also need a battery pack (optional)

If you have anything special with your camera, we encourage you to share it with us in the comments below.

Is there a specific lens to choose?

We will provide you with the same lenses we have offered in the last four years. We feel it is important that we know what is currently available to people of varying budgets because in the past people have been buying lenses that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ve heard over and over again that most people simply use the smallest and fastest lenses possible, which makes sense as we have some serious experience with our very own “miniature digital

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