Can I record a video playing on my phone? – Learn How To Shoot And Edit Video

We encourage you to do so, whether you are streaming our videos or watching footage on Snapchat. You can also use the “Camera” feature of your iPhone or iPad to capture audio and video.

Can I use your cameras to take pictures of people while playing my game?

When you play a video or a song on our website, you can capture it on our mobile app. Using camera features is supported in our iOS and Android apps. You also have the opportunity to record audio clips and send them to us via email if we so wish.

Is it legal to do so with a video on Snapchat?

Yes, it is. This includes live streams and all recorded audio and video clips uploaded from mobile devices.

What camera footage does we upload to Snapchat?

Our content is provided in public-domain and we are always looking for ways to improve and make it available again for the people to enjoy. This includes:

· Video captures of all members;

· Mobile app captures;

· Live streams and audio recordings;

· Snapchat-created images for advertising on our mobile app; and

· Videos that capture public-domain content (e.g. music videos).

If you are a public-relations representative of Snapchat: please feel free to share links to other media for our purposes.

Do you release Snapchat videos that violate copyright?

In the case of the Snapchat video in this video, the video copyright in the United States has expired and therefore it cannot be shared in any manner without permission from Snapchat, or the owner of the copyright.

How will I know if my video has been posted to Snapchat?

You can reach us at if you wish to have video removed. Please provide us with the following information, along with your contact information:

· Video ID# and copyright notice

· Name of claimant and the claimant’s phone #

· Your contact information (phone number, address, and email address)

· The date and place of your broadcast

· Your contact person for your broadcast

Will your Snapchat video always be viewable on our websites?


What will happen to video content posted to Snapchat?

No, your video content will be deleted from both the web and our mobile apps as soon as it is posted or after it goes viral.

What if I want to archive video content

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