Can I record a video playing on my phone? – How To Hold Camera Steady For Video

Yes. You can, if you have the appropriate hardware, the correct software, and if your connection is wired via WiFi.

Can I record on my computer?

Yes. There are several versions of Adobe Flash available, including Flash 6, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe Flash Media. Adobe Flash Player is supported by most modern browsers, and Adobe Flash Media is supported by most modern Android phone/tablet devices. Some devices aren’t supported by Adobe Flash Player. For more information, see Adobe Flash Player Device Compatibility.

Can I record a video on my computer and then upload it to my computer?

No. There are two versions available for using Adobe Flash Player on your computer: Windows Live Player and Adobe Professional Player. The Adobe Professional Player can play and record videos from other operating systems, but you will need to have a PC with a Windows 95 or later operating system installed and a Flash Player update.

Can I record a video on my phone and then upload it to my phone?

Yes. In order to record a video you must have supported firmware and be able to connect your phone via USB. If the device you can connect to supports a USB port, simply connect to it and plug it into it. If your device doesn’t support a USB port, you can use an app on your computer to connect your phone to it. If your device does not support a USB port, you can still use a software app on your computer to connect your phone to your computer.

Can I record a video in 3D on my phone?

Professional Modern Dslr Camera - Detail Of The Top Lcd ...
Yes, but only when using Adobe Flash Player.

Can I record my phone calls in stereo?

Yes. This feature doesn’t work with any other media player, although it can also be turned on/off using the same tool on the “Options” menu that allows you to select media playback from within the Media Center software.

Can I record a video on a video-on-demand or a cloud DVR service?

Yes, but you must use an online solution.

Can I record a video on YouTube?


What happens if I use an external audio player such as VLC or VLC Media Player in the background while recording?

The only audio is heard by the microphone on your device via the camera.

What if my network connection drops?

Your iPhone or iPod Touch automatically detects where the phone needs to stay in order to capture the

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