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Sure, the ability to create a great video is always a key selling point for digital marketers.

But for now, these types of features are a rarity — for now.

What’s next?

While this is a small number of users, as of this writing, there’s yet to be a clear next step for Google+ — and some of the things we’ve identified here have been tested and verified by the userbase, so there are definite problems and steps that marketers can take to make their apps’ Google+ experience more desirable.

Is there a better way?

There may be — but until the company comes up with a better solution, be prepared to hold back on the Google+ launch for now.

Is there anything else you need to know?

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Mixed martial arts commentator Dan Hardy is going to be a fan of the New York Jets for a little while now.

The former UFC, WEC and Intercontinental Champion, also known as “Rampage,” will be in New Jersey for the Jets’ Thursday night matchup versus the Washington Redskins. However, fans should expect some fireworks from Hardy and his partner, Daniel Cormier.

The pair will be a part of the “Big Show” ring in the event’s ring announcer is retired from the sport after suffering an injury at UFC 209 in February.

The former Strikeforce champion’s most recent appearance under the UFC banner has been as a featured draw during the company’s recent “Summer of Fighting” pay-per-view.

While his partner will not be a fixture in the “Big Show” ring, at least during his last appearance, the New Jersey native was able to lend his experience as an amateur fighter.

In July of 2018, Hardy and Cormier will take on the UFC light heavyweight champion’s son, Jon Jones. The first-ever UFC Fight Night show will be a fight card featuring the former Olympic judo champion.

The world of the future could end with a “great, cataclysmic bang” as a planet-swallowing solar giant annihilates an asteroid, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has claimed.

Researchers working on Nasa’s Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), which is currently planning the first US space mission to an asteroid, have warned that such the collision in the not-too-distant future would leave the earth a “vast, uninhabitable wasteland

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