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How Video Can Help Grow Your Sales Force

Video has been known for some time as one of the most powerful sales techniques, and there is no denying it.

The ability to take a customer’s story and turn it into a video is huge. Video can teach employees and customers how to build customer relationship, provide feedback, and help the customer understand how their product or service fits with what they desire.

For those of you working in a sales environment, video is so important because it can help your team make smarter decisions, and better understand the true value of their products.

If the sales person who made the decision to get the money for the job was using a sales tool and an A/B test to test different ideas on sales, they would be amazed at how many different sales ideas they could come up with to test, using that tool.

But if they were using a video tool to test a new marketing campaign? It’s the perfect tool to test the entire campaign on!

So the next time someone says “video is oversold”, it’s time to put that idea in the proper context.

Let’s look at some real-world usage examples for this concept using real salespeople and their own sales videos.

First, let’s look at a sales scenario called “the good sales deal”.

You’re in a meeting with the sales person. Let’s say they’re using a tool to test a new campaign. How do you respond? Here are a few potential thoughts:

“Great idea, but do I know any real salespeople? Have you ever used the tool? What are the prospects for this? What could we do better? How will you get the client to respond?”

That sounds like a good conversation starter, but wait… What if they take a video of the discussion? They can make themselves look smarter by doing this (and that’s exactly what they’re doing in the video above!):

Then you’d have the following message to convey to their client:

“Hello, this is my colleague [redacted], and this video was recorded a few months ago, as we sat down discussing a new sales campaign. Now that I understand more about the campaign, how can you use the campaign to reach your customers without making a mistake, or misunderstanding who they are?”

Notice the video is not showing what they just talked about. But, if they’re trying to keep their

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