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A new feature in Premiere Pro called Cine LUT can be used to automatically create a video with video lenses and video filters such as chromatic, contrast and color correction. We’ve talked on the blog before about the benefits for a LUT editor and how you can leverage the built in DFS tools to get a variety of benefits from using the camera and projectors. In our next piece we will take a look at some of the advantages for video editors as well as other creative tools.

After reading some of your comments I started to think of some other way to keep my brain busy whilst having a long night. The idea that I should be playing with various puzzles to get more info on the situation.

When I found this and decided to work it into a story I felt like a kid in a candy store (in a way, at least). As I had a lot of time on my hands and some new ideas I was ready.

The story starts out with your typical ‘what if?’ scenario: we want to kill some guy we can’t find in the jungle, we’re doing this for the fun of it, he’s being used by the jungle for the sake of the camp and its power, and we have a couple of minions (you’ll see) on the other side of the bush.

Our first objective (the jungle) was secured by my own minions. One of them has a magic staff that he uses to destroy a few creeps. He then takes a few seconds to cast a few spells to teleport so he won’t get killed because it’s not worth the time, and when he dies he drops a golden axe that he’ll drop every minute.

One of the ‘other’ minions is actually a witch. This guy is quite difficult to kill, but it gives you more mana and health so that you can have a longer leash. He goes to a bush in the jungle and he’s going to use his staff to attack it (if you can reach the bush) then he’ll teleport to the edge. There are three spots where he’s going to attack from, one is next to the bush, another is directly in front next to the bush and the third is a bit further to the right and is hidden by an angle (which isn’t visible). He has no way to attack and if you attack him you die. There are no minions or vision in the direction he’s attacking, so they’ll be easy to miss.

We are now in

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