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It started when he was around 8 years old, just going by the word Rap. He was always up in the car with his friends, all rappers. He was with them every night. The first rapper was J. Cole. Then he went from there to some MCs, but in my opinion all the early rap guys were the same, they were just rapping the same words over and over and over and over.

How have you developed into a rapper?

My first job out of high school was to deliver a birthday cake for a couple of friends of mine. I didn’t know a thing about cooking when I started doing that. At the time I didn’t really have that much knowledge of what you say on the mic. So, I’d just be delivering the cake, and I’d get a few laughs from the kids, then they’d say “Hey you should get a job!” Eventually, some of them got their first cars, and I could see they were getting excited about buying their first car, and I got to keep delivering the cakes.

The first time I met Chris Colfer was right around the same time Chris Colfer opened his record label. I was already very familiar with his game, but I didn’t really know what he was doing at the time. I never really listened to what he was saying. And then once I did, I saw the first of his songs. It was from his album that was titled “I’m Still Here.” I’m still a big fan of that album. That’s where all of us started learning about rap.

Why didn’t you go to college and major in something like political science?

I went to high school, got an associate’s degree in English, but I didn’t end up really going over after that. My goal was to get college for music, not just for business. I was a bit of a nerd, and the only thing I could draw on and play had to do with music.

Who started hip-hop?

Probably J-Lo. From what I’ve heard, she had an instrument at the time. She always had a drum kit. At the time she was the queen of that city, so everyone in the city knew her. She came up with the whole movement. She had so much power that people thought she knew everything in hip-hop. There were also some young artists who had a lot of influence, and she got an early foothold in that. It had also

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