Who is the richest white rapper? – Rap Tutor

This chart shows the 10 rappers with the highest net worth.

We took it from Forbes magazine where their report is based on a series of calculations.

But there is no definitive list but we have rounded all these names up to the top 25 to give you their overall worth so they can see which ones are the richest rappers.

You can find out how much $100,000 worth of rap has in common with your salary by using the ‘net worth’ calculator.

1. The Rapper Money: Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is one of the top wealthiest white rappers according to Forbes magazine. In fact, his net worth is $4million, according to the new version of their annual list.
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The Forbes black list is the list that includes every rap artist not on major label albums, but all of the top 50 have a net worth of $1 million or more.

They are:

1 Lil Wayne- $4million

2 Chris Brown- $3million

3 Nas- $2million

4 Rick Ross- $2million

5 J. Cole- $2million

6 Jaden Smith- $2million

7 Meek Mill- $1million

8 Waka Flocka Flame- $1million

9 Young Thug- $1million

10 Young Chop- $1million

11 Big Sean- $1million

12 Drake- $1million

13 Mac Miller- $500,000

14 Migos- $500,000

15 Eminem- $500,000

16 Travi$ Scott- $500,000

17 Lil Uzi Vert- $500,000

18 Lil Wayne- $500,000

19 Jay Z- $500,000

20 Tyga- $500,000

21 Nicki Minaj- $500,000

22 Travis Scott- $500,000

23 Vince Staples- $500,000

24 Migos- $500,000

25 Lil Yachty- $430,000

So, which one is the richest?

It’s simple – all of them, including Mr Wayne and Mr Lil Bean, who are on the Forbes black list for the first time.

And in all our calculations we have rounded up his net worth to $4million (the price in US dollars from the previous year

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