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The man who raps most effectively when he is on-the-nose and on-the-money, and who also sounds the most like himself, is Nicki Minaj, who raps with a swagger that suggests a person has just woken up from a drunken stupor, and whose delivery is an exact replica of Justin Bieber. She is at the top of the list of the best-known rappers of an era where hip-hop was still in its infancy, and she certainly ranks among the wealthiest.

She has a new album—A Pink is out December 16—and, in December, the second season of her TV show, Nicki America: The Only Rapper You Need Is Me, will premiere.

What are you most scared of?

I’m actually not really scared of anything. When you grow up in New York City and the fear of the Bronx is always there, I don’t think it can get any bigger or any scarier than how that feels right now. I’m not really worried about that, I think I’m looking forward to living life.

This is your fifth year in the league. Are you worried that people might stop liking you?

You know, that’s what I was hoping for, you know? Because that’s kind of what happened. I’m grateful that people like me. I’m really grateful for all the support. I don’t get a lot of respect on the streets for what I do.

What did people in the city say about you at your first show?

I was at the airport like, What am I thinking? They’re all excited. I’m not trying to, like, get people killed trying to get to know me or tell them my thoughts. It’s my life and if people like it, great. If they don’t, I’m disappointed. I’m not going to lie and say that I got a lot of hate mail and people who are jealous and who will want to kill me. I just try to look positive and happy and I try to make people smile. I try to just be happy and that’s all I really want.

When did you realize you were the biggest rapper in the world?

I mean, I felt that way before I saw the haters at my first show. I don’t know. I had been working on this for the last year. I really didn’t look at those records when I was doing that stuff. I

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