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Rounding the list are Young Thug, whose album $uicideboy$ did $300 million in sales in its first 12 hours on the market, and Lil Uzi Vert, whose 2013 album Be Quiet And Drive hits No. 9.

Young Thug, however, has been the most successful rapper. If he does not follow Thugger’s example, it could be the end for independent rap, says Kornhaber.

‘I think it has to be the best of all time; I like Young Thug’s music,'” he says. “No one has beat Lil Uzi Vert, and Thug is just getting started.”

The rappers who ranked in the richest 10 for February 2017 were not selected because of popularity, but by how they fared the week of release, says Paysu.

“The top performers in February are also the most successful, and they have had the most success at the moment. You have to take that into account, but it’s also the least likely to be the last,” she says.

The chart above lists artists who sold more than one million albums, and include the top 10 sellers of each week.

Rugby league is set to become the fastest growing sport on earth thanks to the advent of new technologies and the growth of crowds.

That’s according to new research on the impact of the game in the UK and Europe, which projects the sport will be worth €15 billion in the UK within five years and €20 billion globally within 20 years.

That’s with new technology like 3D holographic videography, where live matches are viewed simultaneously on multiple screens, and interactive games in stadiums, with spectators watching virtual ball-handling from all angles.

Of course, the game’s most visible growth is in the TV market, where TV rights alone are expected to reach more than €3 billion within five years, while live rugby sevens is an $18 (NZ$20) billion industry worldwide.

The biggest increase in attendances will come from a shift in rugby towards the age group of 12-12-15-year-olds, where many have grown accustomed to the intensity of international rugby.

“The biggest change comes as kids become more accustomed at older ages to being around players of the same age with similar skills at play, making them more excited and engaged in the game,” said Jonathan Liew, a researcher with the University of Exeter’s Sport and Society Research Unit

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