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I don’t even think about that one. It’s all about the music, man. There’s too many things I take for granted. That one is an easy one. Everybody does that one.

You’ve done a lot of collaborations, both solo and with the D’Angelo Quartet. Talk to me about that.

Yeah. When the D’Angelo Quintet was in town, I really was happy to go there. My friend and the producer, Danny Brown, was there, and we were always hanging out. He was the first guy that ever called me up and said, “You’re the man.” I started working on that project [the D’Angelo Quintet album The Life and Times of D’Angelo] with Danny. And I was talking to Danny about it a little bit, saying how much I admire his work, that he’s always doing different albums, just being different. And then I went in there, took the mic off the wall and started playing it. But, for me, I think you learn a lot playing music and doing production and stuff on your own. And Danny’s really made it a personal project with this project where he wanted to be the only one that was in there. And that’s what he became. He’s had more people come to him than D’Angelo ever did, so he’s made it his own. That music’s really something special, and it’s something he’s just doing, really. It’s real easy to relate to, man.

Do you go to the same parties as D?

Yeah. My girl goes to D’Angelo parties, and I don’t. We’re pretty good friends, but everybody’s over there. Some people are more over there than others. It all depends on the type of party you’re doing. If you’re in town for the weekend, yeah, you’re going to go to the same parties as everybody.

Do you do that with the same women?

Yeah, definitely, definitely!

What do you wear to each party?

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Well, I don’t go in that big a dress. I have to look professional and everything. And, of course, there’s my signature black jacket from G.O.O.D. Music, but when you’re in town for a big party it’s like going down the runway in an open top with a black tuxedo, black heels and black heels. There’s no reason for me to be

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