Who is the hardest rapper? – How To Rap Like Eminem

Probably Drake, but only because he’s a legend. But I don’t know if he’s hard in other ways—I don’t even know if he’s really hard, because I don’t hear that. He’s not trying to write. I think most rappers are trying something new every record, but Drake isn’t. He’s more like a veteran of a sound, as we call it in hip-hop. You hear Drake rapping about how he wants a world where there’s no need for a bottle of liquor, and for the way drugs used to change things in the world. He is very clear about that. When I listen to that, I know I’m listening to somebody who really thinks a lot about what’s going on in the world. So, I have to say that he’s the hardest rapper for sure. But that’s not who I think he is.

How is Eminem different than Kanye West?

When I think of Eminem, I go back to what the ‘F’ word is—you’re either a Fader or a Kanye fan. It’s all about the Fader. You want the Fader to win. And when Eminem came up with a new idea that’s very similar to Kanye West’ idea, my first thought was, ‘There’s more than one way to do it?’ Kanye’s an artist. He makes music, and he gets paid and the world loves him. Eminem is just a rapper. He has the ability to get attention. You love being with him, and he gets your attention. Kanye is trying to find where the world is. And I think what he’s able to do is take the world and make it even bigger.

Who was harder to grow up with: Dre or Eminem?

Dre. He and Eminem are similar—both are from the mid-’80s. As far as I’m concerned, we had the same influences in our childhood. That’s what I remember. But if I look at the differences between Dre and Eminem—I don’t care, because if I don’t remember them, I don’t know what they had done. But I think one of them had a different style.

Didn’t he really steal all of your songs?

He certainly stole all of ours. I know it’s a cliché, but they stole our lyrics. I had a lot of songs about drugs and gangs. It was obvious to everyone that they were stealing the songs. But that doesn’t even have to

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