What year did rap start? – Rock N Learn States & Capitals Rap

In the 50s it started in New York. The record companies started looking to find a little more market share for the sound. They wanted to bring it onto the radio.

Why do all these artists who are rappers really know how to rap?

Most of them started doing it as a hobby. That’s why you’ll find guys with big hair who can’t rap in anything other than an open cap. Or guys who can’t sing because they haven’t learned how to be a singer yet. They just want to be able to rap. There are a lot of them who started doing it because they want to be in their music. They don’t want to take a week off and practice.

You got to be careful who you associate with and who you listen to.

Right. The rap world, there are thousands if not millions if not millions of bad guys in rap. They’re getting in there because they’re interested in money and they can make it. They want the notoriety and people say, “I want you, I like you, I’m gonna make you my star.” That’s part of the reason hip hop is so successful. It’s so accessible so kids from all over the world can see it. If they’re looking into music, they can go to a show or see a DJ or come up to us and just say, “My boy can rap.”

Are there things that you can do or say to get more young people to get into the music?

Listen to all the rappers, get to know the industry. Don’t be afraid of people who say things that are disrespectful. We’re all just human beings. But you have to understand it takes hard work to become a great artist. A lot of people get the respect that they deserve, but they don’t keep up. They can go make millions of dollars and they won’t. That’s why I give a lot of money away to young hip hop artists when they show promise so kids can know they have a chance to succeed and not have the same regrets.

What’s your secret to finding new and emerging rappers?

Be open to the whole world and look everywhere. I have a lot of connections with rappers from various countries that I’m able to find. It takes a lot of work to find people to do work because it doesn’t exist in their country. A lot of times the rappers have to try to make it to the big leagues so they have all these great deals. When

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