What word rhymes with Crazy? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Raptor Species

Ricky: I know. Crazy.

Ron: You’re crazy. You’re so crazy.

Ricky: Yeah, exactly. I’m an idiot.

Ron: Alright then. Alright, then, then.

Ricky: Alright. Come on, look at me mate. I’ve got everything I need. You have one thing you can’t have but I do. I don’t have one thing that’s ever been left out by anyone. I do three things at once and those three things are: the thing I’m doing the most and, if they think I’m not up to a particular thing, then the thing I am doing that’s more important. And if they think I’m going to lose it, then I’ll beat anything. So that’s my thing. Then there’s my thing and then there’s my thing. I love my thing. I’ll do anything.

Ricky: Is there someone who’s better than you?

Ron: I think you should be able to get the job done. I’ll do anything. If I’m the only one doing it, I’ll make an idiot of myself.

Ricky: Is that what this is?

Ron: No, there’s lots of people that can do the job. I love it. I’ve done some stupid things but that’s part of the job; it’s like winning golf. If you beat yourself up about it, it’s not so bad. It doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t count. The best way of beating yourself up is not talking about it. It means saying to yourself, “Geez, I shouldn’t be doing that.” It means, what do I do now, because if what I do now doesn’t work out, then it’s the wrong thing to do.

Ricky laughs

Ron: I won golf, so it’s worked out alright. I won the golf world championship. I won at least a million pounds worth of golf and in that, I’d beaten my own self. That’s what you should do in life. If it can’t work out, you should say to yourself, “You didn’t do it on purpose this time.” You should say to yourself, “I should have been better and so were the other people involved.”

Ricky: Is that what your job is?

Ron: Right. Right, right. Do you know what I mean?

Ricky laughs

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