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Answer: Ayn Rand

From: “Mr. A.C. Diggles”
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Re: The F-word: Is there anything a girl can’t say?

Answer: I don’t know? What word rhymes with cat?

From: “Mr. A.C. Diggles”

Re: The F-word: Is there anything a girl can’t say?

Answer: Yes. Are you kidding? Can you imagine me telling a girl she shouldn’t be speaking in front of a bunch of people, especially a bunch of rich-ass rich people? And it’s true, girls are all stupid and have stupid opinions. The guy could tell that, and he knows every little thing a girl says. But even if a girl says nothing at first, she has every right not to. If she stops having sex for a month, and then starts getting married to a guy, they are free to do whatever they want with her afterwards. They’re going to go to their rooms and go crazy.

Yes, I’m a bit of a hypocrite, and the whole thing is bullshit. I would never marry a guy unless I absolutely had to because there was no other choice. I wouldn’t marry someone if I didn’t think my life would be a waste of time if he wanted to live with me after I’d already done something. It just never occurs to me that I’d rather have him around. I’m kind of mad because my wife gets pregnant. When I am around her, she does all the work to make babies. I do what I’m told to do in the house so it doesn’t happen again. I’ve had a few girlfriends, but they always wanted babies, and it got to the point my life doesn’t even make a difference anymore.

That brings up a good point, one of the problems I have with feminism is that everyone is constantly told to be happy. When they say this, they mean “I know you will get a good man, and I am happy being with him,” or something along those lines.

Yes, you’re right, there’s no reason to be happy if you are living your life anyway. I don’t think being happy is actually a good thing at all. There are plenty of things I would rather have done. The problem is, it’s a lot of work, and I’d rather just go hang out with my friends.

So you think sex is bad

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