What was the first rap song ever? – How Do You Start A Rap

Rap was created in California in the late 60s by Tupac Shakur. He created this world of color. He was a gang member himself. He used to go out as a gang member and then come back – and be able to play this rap.

Who’s the greatest MC of all time?

KRS-One. He was able to change the perception of hip Hop because of the way he made it. He also had great taste and his taste was very diverse, including women. In that song, “Shag” at 2:42 he says, “I could have a little baby sitting right next to me.” He then added, “Then I’d bring her outside with me, and I’d be waiting for her to come down to me.”

How to Win Freestyle Rap Battles - Part 1 - YouTube
This week, the Supreme Court will announce whether it will take up a case that will determine where we’ll eat, how fast we can drive and what we eat in our cars.

In a decision to be announced on Monday, the court will review a similar case about a ban on texting while driving. The court will weigh more than 1,000 separate legal opinions and opinions from various state officials, and decide whether the government may use reasonable limits to protect young people on public streets from the dangers of distracted driving — a task made more difficult by a steady drumbeat of media coverage of the issue.

Some states are asking the court to take the case as an argument to force states to adopt a “two-second rule” — allowing drivers to dial up on their cell phones when their hands are in the rest of the vehicle — that would require a driver be able to immediately turn on and off the device before hitting the stop button.

In January, the Massachusetts Court of Appeals said a one-second limit is not enough; more is needed. But if the high court decides to uphold the one-second rule, the case could have wide-ranging implications for all types of drivers from first-time cellphone users to those who keep their phones in their backpacks.

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“If you think of it as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response, you’ll have to ask yourself, ‘Do I want to be looking at my phone,’ ” said Brian K. O’Malley, a professor at the Thomas Jefferson School at University of Virginia. But for most people, O’Malley said: ” ‘OK, I’ve got to stop, let’s do this.’ If you

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