What was the 1st rap song? – How To Rap Like Eminem

I can’t remember…

“Let’s Go Home”

It’s my favorite song you ever did!!! Why not do your comeback rap in the new theme song for the “Let’s Go Home”, i think you are perfect for it!!!

“Let’s Go Home”You can check out my new YouTube video “I Am… My name is… J-Kyu-Mae….”

Also, I’m going to do a special video with you soon so please stay tuned!!!

So sorry for all the late emails!! I will see you in October!! I hope you have lots of fun with your promotions!!!




One thing seems very obvious to me regarding Microsoft’s decision to release a new version of Outlook for Android and iOS: this is the final nail in the coffin for Google Apps on Android.

To start with, as is the case with Google I/O, the announcement of the Outlook update is timed to be announced just two days after Microsoft’s keynote address. That’s because Microsoft has made a bold move by allowing third-party software to take advantage of Android’s vast app store, which Microsoft has said is an open standard for all to follow.

If Google Apps is the future, Microsoft will have to face some harsh consequences if it fails to take advantage of the new possibilities offered by Android.

Google apps are a vital part of most mobile device sales. The app store on Android includes more than 5 million apps including most of the major Android phone makers, but some of those are limited in functionality because of software restrictions imposed by their manufacturers.

For example, Apple’s iTunes App Store, which is also hosted by the iPhone maker and offers many of the same apps on both iOS (which runs on a variety of mobile operating systems) and MacOS, is only available to customers who have a valid iTunes account. Microsoft’s current solution – Office 365 – is limited to a single iPhone, which also runs on iOS 9. It’s not really an ideal solution unless you need very large files or lots of videos, but these are very common scenarios; one can read more about this here.

The lack of apps on Android means that Google users will need to download each of their applications separately – unless of course they buy a second handset to dual-boot – or they must use third-party software or a tablet version of Microsoft Office

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