What was the 1st rap song? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spin Serebii Galar

KL: “My Mambo”

So, what’s the 3rd rap song?

KL: “Easily”

When was the 1st rap video released?

KL: The video was “Easily”

What’s the 1st rap song?

KL: “My Mambo”

When was the 2nd rap video released? It was a video song called “My Love,” in which Kendrick had two dancers doing two shows and had a whole different vibe in his style.

KL: “A.Dot” took a while for me but when I started producing it, I got the whole process down. I had a lot of fun with it, my first track. So that’s why those were the 2nd rap songs.”

Who was the first celebrity rapper who reached you from the internet? Or you?

KL: It was a big one. I don’t recall who that was, but it was probably a lot of people. A.Dot had a huge following.

How much time after The Black Album was the first time you saw a movie or tv show?

KL: It was probably a couple weeks. I was a big fan of T.J. Miller. I thought that was cool. It was kind of cool and it brought me into the film world. That was my first time seeing it. The reason why I wanted to have a cameo was because I had heard that he would be involved in the film from someone who was making an animated movie. Then he got asked to appear in a movie. It was so cool.

When you think of movies, who comes to mind?

KL: I would say it’s like “The Black Panther.” A.Dot and I were in that movie so it was cool.

How does your music sound on the radio when you’re on?

KL: They put my music on to a lot of stuff. “We Like to Party” is a song that I was involved with that was a remix. They put my mix into a bunch of stuff. They do it for everything on the air. I was on “The Breakfast Club” a lot when they were at the end of this year. I was on the radio a lot on the radio stations that came with the program.

What does it mean to have an influence in hip hop?


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