What rhymes with G?

The word rhymes with “ghost” and the word “G” is “ghost”. In other words Rhymes With “Ripple” and “Ghost”. It’s funny just thinking about it. If any rhymes with “G”, it’s ‘Ghost’ and not “Ripple”.

If any time I hear this word I just picture the Ghost on the left. So that will be the person who did the rhymes for Ripple…

If you haven’t heard the “Ghost on the left” rhyme I bet this is something you could have heard about…

If the ghost in “Ghost on the left” rhymes with the word “Ripple” I would say it means this would be “ghost on right” meaning on right side or that the person who made it did the rhymes for the Ghost on the left.

If the ghost on the right rhymes with the word “Ripple” I would say it means that the person who did the rhymes for the Ripple was a Ghost at the time of recording.

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For the sake of my friend the Ghost I would say it means that you are on the right and in general that you sound like the Ghost on the left.

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