What rhymes with G?

Why, it’ll be “Gangbang,” I’m sure.

The group debuted in 2012 with their fourth album, “Savior.” That marked the first time they’d released an album without the help of producer Steve Aoki (Samples Of Mephisto, 808 Mafia) in collaboration with DJ Premier (the album’s opening theme song, the late Chris Brown’s “No Scrubs,” the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.”)

In addition to that original release, the group released the track “Lovesick Freestyle” under the moniker the Shady XV. That single was just a preview of the album, but it became synonymous with “Gangbang” when Kanye West sampled it on “Jesus Walks,” from Kanye West’s College Dropout .

Kanye also appeared on the album’s final track, the one-two punch, “Stronger,” featured on “Stronger” and “Wolves.” “Stronger” is as straightforward as it gets with a hook about getting what you want in life. It’s one of the few times the word “gang” occurs in the same song.

The final track on the Shady XV’s fifth album, “Yeezus,” is, however, much more of a hit.

I’ve watched “Yeezus” in concert three times and each time I can’t help but compare it to the music that I used to listen to years ago on K-pop-centric radio stations in Europe and Japan:

The track — the first single off the album — sees Kanye’s lyrical prowess return, as does his vocal technique, which seems to be working on a whole different level than it used to.

His delivery is impeccable, his lyrics are vivid and, most importantly, the song is fun. With just a few words he makes you feel like you’ve heard it all before at one point. It’s the perfect blend of rap and R & B.

It’s a song that makes you feel like you can live in the moment.

I haven’t heard “Yeezus” on streaming services yet, but a few weeks ago, I did. On the track “Yeezus,” I hear the original “Gangbang,” but mixed in with the original was “Stronger” from the album.

There’s a moment with Kanye and Jay Z on “Stronger” that made me feel like these two rappers were talking about that day