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‘Et tu, Bridget?’

‘No, sir.’

‘She would never tell you so. She would like to keep her private life to herself.’

‘I knew you had no business to make so much of the business, my dear,’ replied the stranger; ‘for I have never seen it, at least, in the course of my life as great as the present. It takes me very much to read of any of my acquaintances being in love. I have been in such a state; I have, indeed, and am again, very sorry to hear it; but the poor wretch is not a little ashamed of himself, and I see why he is. I am so very sorry I should mention any thing so unbecoming; but I feel, in the first place, that I am in too great a hurry to know it.’

“There was something extraordinary in this conversation about myself; and Bridget, to please the lady, wished me to repeat my story to her in detail; but I was not going to write all in one go, and that would have taken a long time, if I had been able to do it all in one day. Besides, I never thought she knew how much I would like to put in, nor had I any confidence she would allow it. I said of course I had seen no other of any woman’s friends in love except myself.

“‘Yes, sir, I believe she is well told,’ said she.

“Then she read the letter, that I had written her, in which the following passage took place:

“‘It might have been the fault as much as the affair. As to what is between them — I see a very good possibility of it being the former; but that is so much the case, that the other is more likely. If it is a wife, it would be very unbecoming to her, she cannot possibly love herself so. She must be the object of the desire of an innocent partner, and not the woman he thinks to be his wife. We have had intercourse, and she seems so much satisfied, even as she is, with the idea of making another man her husband. It was just before my return from her, — I saw her there, and did not come back for some days. She was very kind to me, and to her sister, and I do not doubt a little for a great many days after.”

“That is what I

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