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I was thinking of this question, but after seeing a new documentary called Street Outlaws, about the life of rap artist and rapper KRS-One and his brother Big Sean (who was arrested in 2012 for assaulting a cop), I became much more cautious about labeling rappers as gangsters.

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There are some people in the street, I think, who would consider that term offensive and not worthy of respect. But to be fair, KRS did play “f–k Donald Trump with a golf club” at a concert back in 2006.

In the film, KRS-One is shown throwing a golf club at a security guard at Miami Dolphins practice before singing lyrics like “the only thing bad about Trump is that he doesn’t like golf.” The guard’s response: “This is a celebrity,” KRS responds in the same song. (He also got arrested for the same incident back in 2010.)

Some critics, however, see the lyrics not as anti-Trump but pro-the-lifestyle culture.

“Street Outlaws” also features rapper Lil Durk, who says on the song “Big Baller”: “It’s a big ball of sh** in the hood / It is a lifestyle for the people that are in power / It’s not the bad guys that is the problem / It’s the system that is the problem.”

I’ve found the lyrics to be much more subtle than KRS’s lyrics on the track “Big Baller” would suggest. In the two songs, the narrator tells us this:

I saw my mom in tears / My dad crying when I told him I was going away / I saw my auntie crying / My older cousin telling me I’m worthless / But I don’t want none of this money/

My aunties and uncles still say I’m worthless

“I see a lot of people in the street / They’re the same shit to me,” Durk says in “Big Balls” on the song’s “Big Baller” and “Big Baller” remixes. “I ain’t looking to get high, I ain’t looking to fuck with no b—-s.”

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