What influenced rap? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spinning Thinking

I think one of the things it influenced on hip-hop was that we didn’t have any of that blackness of gang culture. We had the music, but hip-hop was still black music. We were trying to create a new kind of hip-hop, but we had to do that on our own, and it had to be as clean as, if not cleaner, than the old music – and it was still not perfect, because some of us wanted it to sound a little better. What do I mean by clean?

So there were people who were too afraid to try anything like that?

Oh, yeah. Everybody was afraid. They all wanted to imitate or do what they were seeing in movies. They were afraid of being put in jail. A lot of people were scared to go ahead with their own music, which, by the way, they wanted to. That’s the way the music business used to work, too, as a way of protecting the artists, and in this case, keeping the guys’ heads down.

How did you meet each other?

We were both just around. We were just at the same place, in the same class – we were in the same class of the same school. So we all just kind of got to know each other because of how we talked, because we thought in the same way. So we decided to meet and hang out. We were both just in the same class at the same time. But we also started dating.

What prompted you to start dating?

I guess because of us being close friends and we’re in the same class and we have kind of a thing going on. We both just kind of want to do great things in our lives. We both wanted to do great things in our lives for each other.

So a lot of your dates are still happening now?

Yeah. Our relationship still goes on. We’re in some pretty cool situations. I just met this girl who I’ll call Marissa [Wyde]. She’s in the hospital right now, and I’ll be with her tomorrow. We got dinner reservations. We got plans for tomorrow and we had a lot of fun planning them, and we got things together and we planned out everything that we’re going to do – we’ll try to get our clothes and stuff ready and stuff like that. We’ve gone to all the shopping malls and stuff like that in my area. We’ve got pretty big plans for

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