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There’s a lot of really good stuff out, a lot of quality stuff. [Eminem] is a guy who has the ability to write raps to a level where it just flows so good, to a level where people get it. He writes raps that make you feel like you’re there in the studio. He never uses cliches, he never has the same type of raps for the same things. He just gets the emotion and he writes his raps in a way that can make it flow at a level where people can connect with it.

Was that how you approached your debut album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2?

That was definitely one of the key things. I knew from the beginning we would be able to create something that was not really the same Eminem that we have today. I wanted to create something that wouldn’t be the same as the one that came out and it’s still my favorite album that has come out on my albums in the past. I feel as though he always goes out of his comfort zone, because it’s a very personal album, and when you work with the same person over and over again, they’re not going to change to something like that.

How do you go about writing a song?

I write. It doesn’t matter what the genre of rap is—the more I think about it, the more I want to write, and as you write songs, you have the feeling you want to put them into motion. You have that moment that you hear the lyric you want going into the song and you have your writing process. You write at a really quick pace, but the best songs were written in the moment. I don’t like writing a beat just so you can get to that beat. I like just having a song come together and having something come out of it. You just have that moment of inspiration and you’re able to go from there.

What about producing a song?

I try to do a lot of different things. With The Marshall Mathers LP 2, I came up with some songwriting songs that were just really raw and I felt like they just kind of made me look at a lyric and go, ‘wow.’ We did that for the single, “Love is like a drug,” and also I came up with a song called “Basketball on Trial,” which has the same vibe as that. I always go for fresh ideas and I think as a producer, your

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