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Hip-hop is a hybrid genre composed of a mix of pop, R&B and rap music. It is one of the many musical variations of African and American music. Its roots in hip-hop music in the 1960s and ’70s can be traced back to The Roots, a popular Memphis hip-hop group, and its early roots can be found in the early 1950s in West Memphis, Arkansas, home to many of The Roots members at the time. The genre became popular with a group of mostly black teenagers in the 1980s and 1990s because of the influence of NWA, an MC. The genre quickly came to be defined more by its own style of music than by any real influences from other genres. It came to be regarded largely by a subset of white Americans who consider themselves hip-hop fans.

Hip hop

In the United States, hip hop music is a genre of modern hip hop, which is an amalgamation of pop, R&B and R&B and often incorporates elements of funk, hip-hop, jazz and pop music. It was first synthesized in 1981 by two MCs, The Notorious B.I.G. and Eazy-E. They composed several rap songs and, within a few years, had written a style of music that was influenced by other genres. During and immediately following the 1980s, rappers began incorporating elements of classical and American jazz into their work.

Pop music

Pop music is all musical compositions, which have been based on popular songs that have been produced and/or performed by an artist since at least 1951.

Punk music

Punk music is not defined by any particular music genre as it is mostly electronic and electronic dance music.

Other music

Other music refers to almost any music that was not mentioned in other sections. The most common types of music are rock, funk, jazz, opera, rockabilly, and reggae (including Jamaican rock). Other genres of music include dance, opera, rock, hip-hop, and folk.

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