What do bars mean in music?

They tell the story of a song’s time, place, and listener. Bar songs often evoke a certain vibe, one which is defined by a combination of lyrical and musical characteristics, including its melody and lyrics.

I’ve written about why these attributes are so important and how to best capitalize on them in the past. In this article, I want to discuss how to capture and capture the essence of the bar in song.

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What are bars?

You are more than just a performer. You’re a dancer in the moment. You’re trying to create something that is your own creation. It is an honor to be a fan of a show and one of the best fans is one who really, fully embraces the show and all it has to offer. So, how can you capture those moments?

By asking two simple questions:

Who is this song for? How can the audience get into the mood and create the vibe of the song?

One way to capture the essence of a bar song is by asking these questions. And a second way is by capturing the essence of the lyrics in a bar song and then interpreting them through music.

“Who is this song for?”

The most important question one can ask when writing a bar song is “Who is this song for?” Your listeners are your audience so it is critical to ask where and how you are going to be engaging them in this experience.

Here are 4 ways you can ask this question, just like you ask for your audience (or anyone else’s).

Where can the lyrics be found?

This question is the most important of them all. It determines the best spot for your song to be found.

The more of a bar you will play at your set, the more interesting and powerful the lyrics will become. But first, you need to know how to locate the song.

This is a great question for a singer to ask when they are searching for a specific lyric to be included in their song with the goal of creating a specific atmosphere. It could be simple such as the artist’s name. Or more challenging, you may find that the words are not available in your area. Or, they are available in someone else’s but you just can’t find it.

The point of asking a question like this is to find out what song can you play, because it could be the closest song you can play in your set.

The first thing you need to figure