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You can use the bar symbol or the letter bar to indicate musicality. The bar symbol means ‘high’, while the letter bar means ‘low’. So if you’re in a bar, you’re singing a low song. If you don’t have a bar, the song will play as usual. The reason ‘bar’ comes before ‘bar symbol’ is because both were created by the same person in 1857.
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When was ‘bar’ invented?

The ‘bar’ was first created by a Scottish song called ‘The Bar of the Day’. It was written in 1857 by John Ralston Macmillan, a well-known songwriter who had met some of Thomas Haggard’s family in Ireland, and later helped establish the Scottish songwriting capital, Edinburgh.

Is there a bar before a musical note?

Some people think there’s no bar before a musical note — that an ‘A’ would come before a higher-pitched ‘A’, no matter how far down the keyboard the note rose. This is not the case.

An ‘A’ (or any pitch), is ‘low’ or ‘high’ in relation to the notes above or below it, if you look at the bar symbol. So if you sing ‘A’, you can’t sing either ‘A’ or ‘A’; it’ll just become higher or lower in pitch.

Another reason to think that only pitch is important is because a bar can start and end any note in the musical scale.

For example, an ‘A’ can appear before a note you play on a guitar. The scale that follows it also includes a descending ‘A’ which can be played by the same guitar player with lower notes, but which will make the ‘A’ in the bar very low.

That ‘A’ is now a note above the ‘A’ you’ll play on guitar. The ‘A’ is now higher in pitch, but it still comes ‘down’ in pitch from your guitar — it’s a bar above your ‘A’ on guitar.

The ‘bar’ symbol

The bar (and the letter bar) also came into use later, as a way for musicians to tell whether someone else is playing their music or not — that the musical notes in their music were being played correctly.

If there’s a bar, the instrument will play exactly the same note you play; if there’s no bar, then the note is different. So

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