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They are like an extra layer of protection and a safety net: you can play a show and enjoy yourself and there’s no risk of your bandmates being taken to jail. But you never know. The more people have access to a band, the more bands can get a bad rap. The last one was the last one to get arrested, the latest to get arrested has just been shot. And then people start to wonder who’s really in charge.

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Why is it that some things, like the rise of hip-hop and alternative rock, seem impossible to change, and others like jazz are becoming easier to emulate?

There are a lot of parallels between the rise of hip-hop and the rise of rock; there’s a lot of cultural shifts that come with it as well, one is the shift to free expression and experimentation with more creative, expressive forms of music. But I think the biggest parallels that comes to mind are the two movements that are most connected to what the music market has become. People get the idea of an identity that’s more about people: whether it be punk, punk rock, metal or whatever, the idea that there are distinct, distinct sounds to follow is what appeals to a lot of people.

People are really attracted to different sounds—in the past when people were attracted to different sounds it was mostly people who wanted to be unique musically. In the current era, people who want to follow a sound are attracted to a band that is trying to be completely the same as everybody else, without any individuality. And that’s what makes rock an exciting thing to follow.

How do you want to be remembered as a musician? How do you want to be remembered in five, 10, 15 years?

The greatest thing anybody could ever say about me would be, “You’re awesome and I want to keep playing guitar with you.” That’s one that people think will always be remembered. I think it’s going to be interesting to see how I continue to evolve, how I keep putting out records, how I keep the audience interested. Hopefully I’ll get my own show out of these next couple years. That’ll be something for the audience to experience.

That sounds like a goal beyond the next few years—do you feel like you can make it?

Yeah, absolutely. I’m so honored to still have a job with a record label. A record label is the only thing that keeps me off of jail. For the last three years I’ve been

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