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How about Suga was the fastest in the world when he was 15. The answer for that is as of today, with just over two months of age, Suga is no closer to being the fastest rapper in the world. He still raps as if everyone in the world is listening to him but he isn’t. What he is though, is the hardest hitting, most creative rapper in the game.
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For reference of Suga, consider this, you know of his rapping abilities. There is no rap that he does that doesn’t have at least one word that needs to be capitalized. He also has a great, distinct sound and when you hear him rap, you get goosebumps in your skin. One-uping rappers like Killer Mike are not the way. He is the opposite, with that same unique feel to his rap, but he raps faster and harder than any other rapper in the game.

Suga also has that famous one-up technique. He is capable of doing anything the fastest rapper can do and that is almost impossible with people like Migos making music at the same time. He does it with his own words, that’s why people just try to copy him and they always fail. What that means is that the only guys ever capable of doing that type of thing are guys like Jay Z, Jay Z with that style. It is difficult because it requires a great rap game but the only way to be able to do that is to take the time, practice, and learn.

“As a rapper you have to have a clear view on yourself,” Suga tells MTV. “That’s why I’m always trying to keep learning. I know my weaknesses, but I also know why I sound a certain way. Once you can come out of the box, there’s no need to work on what comes next.”

In regards to his future, Suga believes he will be able to rap forever and wants to make music for as long as he wants to be able to do it. “I’m excited to start releasing albums,” he explains. “I’m not going to stop when life gets too big or when it’s too hard; I’m going to make music that I want to listen to until there’s no one to listen to it anymore.”

Suga also knows that there is still a lot of work to be done, which he says is what he’s focused on. “I’m trying to write for as long as I can get away

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